Braindroppings blog

Ok, just what the world needs, another amateur web site or blog.

Truth is, this is just an outlet for me and it really doesn’t matter whether it makes it to page one of a Google search.

I enjoy tinkering with code and playing with HTML and CSS to see if I can make things do what I want. I’m also trying to teach myself Python.

Also, with the demise of Google Plus, this might help satisfy my social media itch, such as it is. I don't do Facebook and Twitter is just a simpleton's way of telling people where to go or what they can do in 240 characters or less.

My hardware/software platform of choice is ChromeOS running on a Chromebook or Chromebox.

I abhor Windows (especially Windows 10) but am forced to use it at work. I personally think Adobe products suck. Same thing for Microsoft Office. They lost me when they went to that "ribbon" UI. I can't find anything anymore and most of the keyboard shortcuts programmed into my digits don't work anymore.

Some of the things I'll probably talk about here and explore is why I really like the Chrome platform and how it can be used to get things done. There will probably also be some posts on food, politics, dogs, family and travel (if I get around to that).

Last modified on 2-19-2019

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